I have a Tzu and just adore her. She was a little stubborn on the house training. I bought the puppy pads and put them by the doors. She liked them but would only use them once. I just kept a good cleaner at hand. Her accidents got farther and farther apart. They need to go out at least 4-5 times a day. She loves everybody, rarely barks. She eats BilJack dog food once a day in the evening. They get hot real easy so they are definitely an inside dog. The grooming is a job. Especially if you let her hair grow. I keep mine short except for her ears and tail. Even those have to be brushed every day. PetSmart charges 41$ to groom her. I have it done every 1 or 2 months. She only weighs 9pounds and is almost 5. I walk her every morning for about 20 minutes. Then she plays outside in the evening when it isnt too hot. I’ve loved all the dogs I’ve ever had but this one is so special. Don’t think I’ll have any other kind of dog. She is her mamas baby.