I have two bichon havanese dogs, one is a puppy yet but potty trained, only problem with her is she pees all the time she’s excited.
The other dog is already 2 years old. there were always many problems with him. like when we scold him he walks away and doesnt get near us for days. we tried to train him to pee outside, and he did it, but still peed everywhere. he has own territory near the garden but he doesnt like it. he just goes sits down and starts staring at me. soo annoying! then i yell and he’s like ok ok i go.
we let them out first at 6 30 then 10 00 then 14 00 and 18 00, last one at 22 30. its just terrible if we scold him he does 2 times more in the house.
he s always been with us, and i live with my grandparents who are always at home, so they are not lonely. but we dont really like to smell dog pee in our house. he was just like this as a puppy too. he only does this at night so we cant see.
any suggestions?