Have you thought about becoming a havanese breeder?  If you own one or more of these dogs and really like them, the thought may have crossed your mind.  However, what most people don’t realize is that this isn’t something that should be decided on a whim because there are some important things you need to take into account before jumping head first into breeding.  This is not some on-the-side hobby for you to enjoy, it’s a serious business that can have terrible ramifications if not logically thought through.

To help you decide if becoming a havanese breeder is the right path for you, the following are three common breeding myths that have been dispelled to give you a clearer idea of what is wrongfully assumed and the reality of the situation.

Myth 1 – Breeders make a lot of money

Fact – Anyone who engages in reputable practices puts almost all of the money they make towards covering the expenses of ensuring the health, well being and placement of the litter.  In most cases, it is a modest profit because most of what is paid to them is recycled back into their dogs.  When you consider the cost of food and vet bills alone, it’s easy to see that this is not a cheap undertaking.

Myth 2 – Puppies are easy to raise

Fact – Any good havanese breeder will tell you that raising pups is a full time job.  It’s like having a group of small children all at once.  Imagine having a bunch of curious and mischievous toddlers with no discipline wondering about your home?  They put anything and everything into their mouths, will relieve themselves when they have the urge, etc.  If you intend on selling these poochies you need to begin socializing them, start training and groom them.  Taking care of growing dogs is time consuming and can be a hair pulling process.

Myth 3 – I can find a home for all of the puppies I breed

Fact – Every year, thousand of unwanted pups find themselves without homes because the havanese breeder who was responsible for brining them into the world has been unable to sell them, can’t afford to keep them or simply don’t want them.  As a result, they wind up in shelters, rescues or worse.  There is never any guarantee that you will find owners for all your dogs.  Thus, you need to be prepared to care for every single pooch in the litter that is produced.   In addition, you need to be willing to take back any of the puppies you sell in case the owners no longer want them.  All canines you bring into the world are your responsibility.

When all is said and done, what you need to understand is that while anyone can breed dogs there is a huge difference between someone doing it for the money and a responsible havanese breeder that cares about the animals they produce.