I have done my research and have decided that a havanese is the right dog for me. I am a student with a one bedrom apartment that allows dogs and there are two dog parks in town. There is also a walking path right next to my apartment. I will be gone for several hours during the day, but the dog will be crate trained and I am home during lunch. So please do not tell me that I need to make sure I am prepared. I do not want a shelter dog due to a bad experience in the past. I want to buy this dog from a reputable breeder not adopt from a shelter because of the issues I had in the past. The dog was extremely sweet until he snapped one day and attacked a couple of children who did not provoke him in any way. They didn’t even pet him. It turns out he was abused and a toy the child was playing with was likely the reason for the attack, so please do not tell me to adopt. I just want the names and websites of breeders in the area. Thanks!