What You Should Know IF You Are Interested In Owning A Havanese Dog

The havanese is a super companion that loves his people very much.  He easily becomes attached to his pack and is extremely affectionate, playful and intelligent.   He has a very cheerful attitude and is a natural social creature, accepting of visitors, strangers, children, dogs, cats and other pets.  This small canine is an ideal family pal and may also be a good choice for allergy sufferers as his coat, though long, is non-shedding.

For decades, the havanese were the preferred family dog in Cuba and many steps were taken to preserve the breed in America.  In fact, he is recognized by the American Rare Breed Association.  Their sweet temperament, small size, eagerness to please and their watchdog instincts, makes them a very dependable and active member of the home.  Of course, while this Toy pooch is a fabulous animal, he requires a compatible owner who is ready to meet his needs in order for him to grow into the model four-legged mate.

Here are some fast facts about the havanese:

* Height – 8 – 11 inches.

* Weight – 7 – 13 pounds.

* Fur length/texture – Long silky hair that features an under and outer coat and is wavy or curly and can grow to approximately 6 – 8 inches when he is fully grown.

* Coat color – Available in all colors, including cream, white, gold, blue, silver, chocolate, black, etc.  Parti and tricolors are also recognized.

* Grooming – This pooch requires daily brushing/combing, especially if his hair is kept long to avoid a build up of knots.

* Life expectancy – Havanese live an average of 14 – 15 years.

* Heath issues – Although there are no major health concerns, some problems that may affect them include dry skin, cataracts, and luxating patellas (knees).

* Living requirements – Due to the fact that he is quite active indoors, he can live comfortably in a house with a backyard or an apartment with no yard space.  That said, the havanese dog should be walked daily and enjoy playtime.

* Trainability – Intelligent and quick learners, these canines pick up obedience training with ease as long as they are taught with firm, gentle consistence.

These are only the fundamental facts of the havanese.  Therefore, be sure to do your homework so you know exactly what you are getting into to ensure this pooch is the right match for you and your family.