Havanese dogs may be part of the Toy group but just because they are a small breed doesn’t mean they lack energy or a sense of fun.  Like any other type of dog, these pooches love to be stimulated both physically and mentally.  Therefore, if you are looking for something enjoyable to do with your pet, the following are some low-cost ideas that will add a little spice to your companionship and may even increase your bond.

Take a nature walk – You might take havanese dogs on regular daily walks in the park or around your neighborhood, but have you thought about shaking things up a little and experiencing a new route?  Why not take a walk in the woods, in a conservation area or any other natural space that will be appealing to both you and your pal.  He’ll love the new smells and you can take in the sights.  Just make sure that you don’t take him in any areas where he is not welcome or with suspicious looking plants or greenery you don’t’ recognize to avoid running into a poisonous plant.

Go for a car ride – Most canines love car rides.  If you have to run a few errands that are dog-friendly (I.E. picking up the mail, dropping off your child at school, etc.) why not take him with you.  He’ll love being included and you’ll like the company.  However, refrain from letting him stick his head out the window as this can lead to eye infections because a foreign object can blow into his eyes.  He should also be properly and comfortably restrained to keep him safe in the event of an accident or sudden hard breaking.

Experience a dog park – If you have a special space that allows havanese dogs to run free off-leash, why not take advantage of it.  You can play fetch and he can interact with other pooches.  That said, try to keep your pet from drinking out of the same water dishes as strange animals because he could catch their illness if they are sick.  You will also want to be certain you have control over your pal (I.E. he obeys the come and stay command) for his own protection.

Visit a pet store – Many stores that sell dog, cat, bird, rodent, fish etc. supplies welcome pets.  Your havanese will love shopping for his own toys and smelling his fellow four-legged kind.

Teach him tricks – Obedience training isn’t the only education you can provide havanese dogs.  Due to the fact that they are intelligent, fast learners, they will also gain joy from learning how to perform certain tricks, such as play dead, roll over, high-five and so on.

Regardless of what you choose to do, remember that your goal is to simply have fun with your havanese dogs!