Havanese grooming can be a very lengthy process due to the fact that this dog naturally has long fur that features both an under and over coat.  If left to grow to its full potential, the hair can reach up to 8 inches in length on an adult dog.   Although some people really like the longer look on their pet and have no problem keeping his coat groomed regularly, if you are struggling to find the time to frequently tend to his fur, and he is accumulating a lot of mats, you should seriously consider keeping him in a shorter cut.

You might be wondering if cutting his hair shorter is the best havanese grooming solution for your pooch.  If you are debating this, consider the pros:

  • Reduces time spent on caring for the coat – You can limit the actual length of time you spend brushing because there is less to comb through.  Also, instead of daily combing you can cut it down to a few times a week.
  • Dogs that have dirty or knotted fur are not happy – A messy coat can make them very stressed and can lead to physical issues, such as skin problems.
  • It will make the havanese grooming experience less of a chore for the both you – Just as you may not be overjoyed about having to groom your pooch, you can rest assure that he isn’t wild about the process either.  The faster it’s accomplished the better.
  • Baths will be easier – less hair, less hassle.

Once you decide on the short cut, your next step is to determine if you will clip your companion or if you will have a professional groomer do the job for you.  Your canine will need to be clipped every 1 – 2 months to maintain his look.  If you choose to engage in this practice yourself, you’ll need to purchase proper havanese grooming tools.  Usually this consists of two pairs of scissors:

  1. A small pair with rounded blunt tips for clipping hair in sensitive areas you don’t want to accidentally poke, such as between paw pads, around the eyes and ears.
  2. A larger type with pointed tips for the body, legs, etc.

Finally, just make sure that if you do your own havanese grooming that you watch an experienced groomer first so you can see how to achieve the right style.  The last thing you want to do is give your pet a silly hair cut.  After all, your companion does have his pride and so do you.