Anyone who has seen a havanese puppy cannot deny how cute this dog is.  Their fuzzy little faces, endearing personality and tiny size are hard to resist.  However, this canine isn’t for everyone, so before you even think about bringing one of these four-legged furballs home, you need to research them thoroughly and make sure that you have the time and the desire to train and care for him throughout his life.

If after careful researching you’ve decided that the havanese puppy is the breed for you, the following are the steps you need to take before bringing home your pet:

Step 1 – Find a reputable breeder – You must make sure the pup you obtain is from an individual who has experience breeding the havanese puppy and takes their work seriously.  The premises where the animals are born and raised should be clean and comfortable.  Their pedigree, health records and any other documents (I.E. kennel club papers) should be provided by the breeder.  Be sure to ask plenty of questions and receive plenty of inquires yourself.

Step 2 – Locate a veterinarian – You may have many vets in your area.  If you are having difficulty choosing one, to help you with your pick, consult with your friends who have dogs and find out if they recommend their veterinarians.  You should also ensure that the professional you select has had some previous experience with the havanese dog.

Step 3 – Obtain the necessary dog supplies – You will require all of the essentials for your havanese puppy including:  food (ask the breeder or vet for recommendation), food dishes, 6 foot non-retractable lead, collar, ID tags, grooming supplies (pin brush/steel comb, nail clippers), dog-safe toys, treats, bed and crate.    

Step 4 – Puppy proof your home – Keep all hazardous materials locked up or out of reach (I.E. chemicals and cleaning products).  Secure wires, make certain all small objects are picked up, such as kids toys or anything else that can be chocked on.  Remove all plants poisonous to dogs, etc.

Step 5 – Choose a name – Give your havanese puppy a name before you welcome him home and ask the breeder to start using it around him.  Though you can call your pooch anything, one or two syllable names are good choices because they are easy to say and remember, and the sounds they make enable your companion to respond to them quicker.