A havanese rescue may be the perfect place to obtain a dog of this breed if you are interested in owning a pet but would rather give a pooch a second chance instead of going through a breeder.  Adopting from rescues is cheaper than buying a newly born puppy and, since most of the dogs are fully grown, they usually have learned certain commands and are, at the very least, housebroken.

Nevertheless, while there are advantages, it is imperative that you understand not every havanese rescue organization can be trusted.  This is because not all of them are actual shelters designed with the canines’ well being in mind.  Sadly, some people only pretend to be rescuers and in reality run puppymills, passing their illegally home-grown pooches off as surrendered pups and charging higher than normal fees.   Therefore, you need to inspect a place and find out about the volunteer service before making any commitments and unintentionally supporting the wrong people.

The best way to inspect organizations to see if they are right for you is to ask questions and visit the premises when possible.   Here are some questions you can ask:

  • How is the havanese rescue obtained?
  • Does any dignified and reputable breeder, dog or kennel club recommend them?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Why did they choose to start the program?
  • Will they take the time to make certain one of the canines they have is a suitable match for a potential owner.
  • How are donations used?  Do they only support the animals or does some of this money go toward paying the staff?

In addition, when you think about the queries you would like to make, keep in mind that any good havanese rescue will…

  • Make certain all of the pooches they rescue are spayed and neutered prior to being placed.
  • Ensure all pets are healthy and vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • Have an adoption contract that must be signed and states that the animal should be returned to the same rescuers if it must be re-surrendered.
  • Screen anyone interested in adoption and visit their home to make sure it is havanese-friendly.
  • Understand that it has limited resources and will not take in more canines than it can legally accommodate and care for.

In essence, your primary goal and main concern is to find a havanese rescue that has your future pet’s best interest at heart.