Havanese training doesn’t have to be a difficult process because this breed learns quickly.  That said, just because they are clever and have an aptitude for learning doesn’t mean that you can teach them using any technique or without a plan and expect them to understand your teachings or develop into a model pet.

Here’s what you require in order to achieve successful havanese training:

•   Socialize him – Though they are naturally social animals who tend to like everyone, if they are not properly introduced to people or other pets when a puppy, they can develop a timid personality that may make them standoffish or suspicious of strangers.  Therefore, they should be provided with different experiences including meeting visitors in your home, strangers in public, children, other dogs, etc.

•    Firm, gentle commands – Havanese training needs to be done with a calm and positive approach.  Yelling or thundering at your pet will only deter him from learning and cause him to fear or resent being taught instructions.  When you give commands, keep your voice firm and steady, do not scold him if he doesn’t perform as you want and be sure to praise him enthusiastically when he follows through!

•    Remaining constant in your technique – Regardless of the commands or tricks you teach, if you want havanese training to run smoothly you need to instruct him using the same steb-by-step approach.  This includes ensuring you use the same verbal words and hand signals and making certain others do as well.  

•    Don’t give a command unless you mean it – If you give your canine an order, make sure he does it.  If he doesn’t, you need to correct him right away by physically making him obey.  For instance, if you tell him to sit and he does not within a few seconds, take your hand and push his bottom to the floor.  Repeating the command over and over and/or allowing him to ignore you gives him the message that you’re not serious and he can do what he wants.  Your goal is to make him respond every time you tell him.

Lastly, though you may be tempted to, you cannot baby your pooch (I.E. always hold him in your arms).  Yes, he is small and yes he is cute but if you want havanese training to work to your benefit you don’t ever want him to develop aggressive or possessive behaviour traits because, aside from leading to other negative consequences, it can also give him reason to believe he is above your authority.   Remember, if he doesn’t respect you, he won’t listen and you will lose control.