Ok, so here’s the deal. My puppy is a havanese, 8 months old, and I just recently bought a savannah kitten. I hate it when she eats the cat’s wet food because she, as many of you know, has a beard and all of that nasty crap gets in it. Then she will come lick my face and it’s disgusting. I have a crate and always punish her when I see her eating it, but it doesn’t help.
I can’t stick with dry cat food because I have an 11 year old cat that was just found to have a hyper thyroid. She had ulcers on her tongue and it hurts her mouth to crunch on dry food.
I have tried everything, even putting the cat food on the counters, but then I caught my cat jumping on them when she was hungry! I also tried putting a gate where I keep their food, but then the cats wouldn’t jump over it.
I am soooo tired of cleaning her damn beard because she is defiant and won’t let me. I also bathe her once a week too, but it isn’t enough. (My vet recommended to bathe her this often.) Jimmy, my savannah is already a HUGE almost 5 month old kitten, so I cannot do what some people have suggested and cut a hole in something hollow that only he can fit into because she can fit in it too.
Please help me, she is in her crate right now because she ate the cat food I hid in the laundry room on top of the litter box!
Thanks Dx