We had a Maltese who passed away at the age of ten very suddenly. Our Maltese would always want to sit on our laps, that’s where he was happiest or at the very least pressed up against our legs on the couch. Since our Maltese passed away we bought a Havanese puppy who’s now 11months old, he’s the best little dog & follows me around the house & won’t let me out of his sight but he’s not comfortable sitting on my lap or even on the couch next to me, he’s always on the floor wherever I am, how can I train him to sit on my lap or next to me on the couch? He always jumps off & lays on the floor? I bought my Mum a Havanese which is almost two years old now & he’s the perfect lap dog, like a rag doll permanently on Mums lap! Is it something that will come with age or is it something I should start working on now?