I would like to start training my neighbor’s Havanese for dog sledding (just like the Iditarod!…almost). As I am somewhat addicted to skiing, I have plenty of skiing gear around, but as I am new to the dog sledding hobby, I haven’t got a sled yet.
I do, however, know that severl dog sledding races have already been cancelled this year due to lack of sufficient snow cover in some areas. This means that I have until next winter to find a dog sled anyways; they’ll probably go on sale over the summer, eh?
Would it be beneficial to start training the dog this winter by having him pull me around while I wear a pair of skis?
Any other suggestions for training a sled dog for racing sans sled would be appreciated.
Also, any suggestions regarding a technique for training cats for my sledding team would be appreciated as well. I know I’m not a “cat person;” I have tried training a cat by having it pull me while I wore my skis, but it just ran away…