Since we brought our pup (5 month old Havanese) home she has been crate trained in a plastic petmate travel crate.and loves it! But the problem is is that she is getting big and cannot sit up, barely turn around, or stretch out b/c the crate is too small now. A friend of mine gave us a bigger wire crate but we tried it for about a week and she was scared to death of it ( its a large crate and she is only about 9 lbs). So, my question is…do I try a smaller wire crate or do I buy a larger plastic crate? I am also going back to work next week and she will be in the crate all day. I read that metal crates are better b/c of ventilation. Any advice? Thanks so much!
**Even though she weighs only 9 lbs., her body is long- 15 inches and she likes to really stretch out and then she is even longer.**