I’m trying to find a good dog for me. Here are some things I find important.
I live in a townhouse with a small yard, but I don’t plan on doing much exercise with the dog in the yard outside of maybe a game like fetch.
I’d like a dog capable of jogging with me. I’m just starting out, but a dog capable of jogging a 2-3 miles would be great. This may just be training, but I’d like the dog to stay near me and go at my pace. I want to walk the dog, not have the dog walk me.
I’m a college student. I would be home between classes during the day and at night. I’d most likely be taking the dog running early mornings before class. The longest the dog would ever have to be home alone is 6 hours (I’m being generous with time, I doubt I’d ever have to leave them for that long)
I’d like a dog that doesn’t have long hair, and won’t need to frequent the groomers. Shedding is okay, but I don’t want to be pulling handfuls out (assuming I groom them regularly).
I’d like a companion. A dog that looks forward to spending time with you. Additionally, I’d like a medium sized dog (Nothing bigger than say, a dalmatian, but nothing too small either (my mom has a havanese…small dogs like this just can’t keep up on long jogs)
Looking to spend no more than $1000 on the dog itself..