I was invited to the Iditarod in Alaska this March with a friend, but I don’t think that I am eligible to compete in this race myself, and this race lasts about ten days.
So, in my time spent waiting for the racers to show up to finish in Nome, I want to do some sled dog racing of my own. I don’t have a dog of my own, but the neighbor girl has a Havanese, and I know that she would let me use it.
Her Havanese has short, stubby legs, and it has a lot of hair in its eyes. I would assume that since the limbs are short, this dog would most likey have good circulation compared to a dog with long limbs. Also, the hair would keep the snow out of its eyes.
I would like to make the Havanese the first member of my sledding team if it won’t excessively endanger its life.