Havanese Training

Havanese Training: 4 Things You Must Know

Havanese training doesn’t have to be a difficult process because this breed learns quickly.  That said, just because they are clever and have an aptitude for learning doesn’t mean that you can teach them using any technique or without a plan and expect them to understand your teachings or develop into a model pet. Here’s what you require in order to achieve successful havanese training: •   Socialize him – Though they are naturally social animals who tend to like everyone, if they are not properly introduced to people or other pets when a puppy, they can develop a timid personality that may make them standoffish or suspicious of strangers.  Therefore, they should be provided with different experiences including meeting visitors in your home, strangers in public, children, other dogs, etc. •    Firm, gentle commands – Havanese...

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Havanese Training Success!

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Havanese Puppies

Havanese Puppies And Teething

All havanese puppies will go through a teething phase.  Like humans, the baby teeth dogs are born with will be pushed out and replaced by their permanent adult teeth. This...

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